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  • Piyo Piyo Slip-Proof Three-section Dining Plate

    The durable Slip-Proof Three-Section Dining Plate is designed to assist babies in learning to self-feed. Featuring slip-proof grips on the sides and base, this three-sectioned plate’s deep rim makes it easier for babies to direct food from plate to mouth.

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  • Piyo Piyo Keep-N-Trap

    This unique bowl AKA "Keep-N-Trap" has a perforated lid that allows your child to eat snacks with less mess. Make snack time mess free with our Piyo Piyo Keep-n-Trap. Our containers hold up to 8 ounces of food and feature soft flaps that allow little hands to reach in for a treat, but prevent snacks from spilling when overturned. Learn More
  • Piyo Piyo Training Cup with Sliding Lid

    Offer your baby this Anti-Bacterial Training Cup with Sliding Lid featuring ergonomically designed dual handles to make drinking from a cup easy. Simply slide back the Piyo Piyo style lid to open, exposing a soft and flexible silicone straw.

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  • Piyo Piyo Baby Food Processor Set (7 pcs)

    The Piyo Piyo Baby Food Processor makes preparing baby's food easy and convenient. Now parents can make food, store and serve it in one bowl. The pieces are precisely designed so they can all be stacked together for easy storage. The detachable suction ring at the base ensures the bowl stay stable and still during the food making process. Learn More

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  • Piyo Piyo Easy Reach Sippy Cup (8oz)

    Easy Reach Sippy Cup – The newest innovation in the popular feeding line includes an 8 oz. leak-free cup with a sliding lid, featuring an easy reach weighted ball at the end of the straw to ensure the baby can enjoy every last drop. Designed for babies 4 months & up.

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  • Piyo Piyo Bento Box

    Spice up lunchtime with our Piyo Piyo lunch box. Our durable, easy-to-clean, BPA free lunch box can stand up to just about anything. The roomy Piyo lunch box allows for different foods to be stored for lunch time. Equipped with a travel spoon who wouldn’t find this convenient for travel? Learn More
  • Piyo Piyo Foodie Silicone Placemat

    Love Piyo Piyo? The Foodie Silicone Placemat is a perfect on-the-go placemat that features a built-in scoop to catch baby's mess while eating! Not only is it shaped like our duck but it provides a safe, clean eating surface and has suction cups to keep it in place. In addition, you can roll up for easy transport and storage. Learn More
  • Piyo Piyo Cereal Bowl with Spoon Set

    Easily prepare and serve your baby’s cereal with this durable Cereal Bowl with Spoon set. Featuring an easy to grip handle and extra long spoon for parent-led feeding, this convenient set makes your baby’s first feedings effortless. Learn More

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